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TED invited us to introduce GIGA's vision, tools and progress made towards regenerative design, all within 4 minutes. In 3:45, GIGA Founder, Raefer Wallis, delivers GIGA's visionary approach to green design and introduces GIGA's Architectural Genome Project which aims to collectively and incrementally move towards regenerative. Watch to be inspired and become of the movement.

If you're interested to hear more, leave comments. Videos with the most traction will be invited to present a full 20...

Tongji Lecture: From Sustainability to Regeneration in Architecture


Hosted by Tongji University, GIGA's Raefer Wallis presented 'From Sustainability to Regeneration in Architecture' to Tongji's Sino-Finnish College. The lecture introduced the concepts of MNI (Minimize Negative Impact), RESET, Regeneration, and maximizing positive impact to challenge conventional understanding and approaches to green materials and buildings.

Current green design only slows the processes of deforestation, global warming, and pollution, though the problems still persist. To have...

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