GIGA Green Design Training Sessions


8.7 Trillion RMB. In 2020, 8.7 Trillion RMB are expected to be spent on Green Building. This unprecedented 30% market shift challenges the entire construction industry - green designers, builders, developers, and material suppliers are all needed to meet the ambitious (and mandatory) goals that have been set by the Central Government.

How is your design firm positioned for this transformation? GIGA has developed green training sessions to help keep design firms at the cutting edge of this...

How can you catalyze change for greener materials?


The most common question we are asked after lectures and trainings is, 'as an individual what can I do to help.' If you're like most designers, your client or your firm doesn't prioritize green design. Though this might exclude you from using state of the art conditioning systems, you can still drive green design with every project.

How? By demanding healthy materials. Though often overlooked, materials massively dictate the ecological impact of projects. All materials are made by combining...

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