Healthy Materials & Healthy Air Come Together with LBC and RESET


Healthy Materials & Healthy Air Come Together with LBC and RESET

The Living Building Challenge (LBC) and RESET are pleased to announce a new, mutually-beneficial alignment that allows LBC project teams to use RESET Air continuous monitoring and RESET project teams to use Declare labels to meet program requirements.

“The simplicity of this alignment is going to help project teams accomplish two major goals; healthy air and healthy materials and it’s going to do so without cumbersome tasks or...

Glumac Airship Takes Off


Sitting atop the old Rockerfeller compound in downtown Shanghai is one of the city's most progressive office spaces. It is also one of the healthiest. Step inside for fifteen minutes and you won't want to leave.

The office is home to Glumac, the well-known MEP engineers originally from the US. It is a showcase of their capabilities as well as their commitment to improving the built environment.

Once it is fully operational the project will be the first net-zero water and net-zero energy office...

GIGA Celebrates Local Manufacturers who Declare (LBC)


At the early part of 2014, GIGA began working on the firsttwo Living Building Challenge Certified projects in China. Serving as the key material consultant forwhat is considered to be the most rigorous Certification program in the world, a large part of our role was to introduce the Certification's product labelling system to China: Declare.

The Living Building Challenge hassome of the toughest criteria for materials compliance and while listing one’sproduct in the Declare database is open to...

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