Zhuzong Vanke Plaza World's First Shopping Mall to Undertake RESET Certification for Air Quality


Zhuzong Vanke Plaza World's First Shopping Mall to Undertake RESET Certification for Air Quality

Over the past fifteen years retail has moved online, leaving shopping malls to rethink their future. The most forward thinking of these have reinvented themselves as lifestyle centres, aiming to offer experiences that online shopping can't match. From children discovery centres to wellness retreats and from social street-style cafes and restaurants to brand experience centres, shopping malls are...

UBAN and GIGA collaborate to raise the air quality of offices in China

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  • Date March 15th, 2016 11:39
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China’s largest search engine for office space and China’s largest source of data on commercial indoor air quality - UBAN and GIGA - are collaborating to help tenants find and create healthy offices in China - starting with clean air.

UBAN is adopting GIGA’s RESET Certification standard in order to help compare the health performance of buildings across China. “Many property owners are starting to report the air quality of their buildings in real-time,” says Gavin Lu, CEO of UBAN. “However, it...

World's First Public Mobile App for Indoor Air Quality


GIGA has released RESET Certified, the world's first public mobile App that tracks air quality of indoor spaces. The App is free and is part of RESET Certification for healthy interiors.

Similar to well known Apps that track outdoor air quality, the RESET Certified App allows users to follow the healthiest and safest offices and schools in Shanghai, Beijing and Suzhou. The App and certification are also expanding to include shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, hotels and other public /...

The Cost 'a' Coffee is Bad Air.


Recently, a client asked to meet in a Costa Coffee. I accepted. It wasn't until the morning of the meeting that I realized it was a bad idea. Outdoor PM2.5 was 105 ug/m3 (3 times above maximum allowable health limits), which meant that inside would also be 105 ug/m3.

Over the past 10 years we've tested hundreds of spaces for PM (Particulate Matter), TVOC (Chemical Off-gassing), CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), CO (Carbon Monoxide) and several other parameters. Recently, the starlet of all these has...

Lend Lease Rolls Back CO2 to Pre-climate Change Levels.

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  • Date October 20th, 2014 22:47
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For over 650,000 years, atmospheric CO2 has never risen beyond 300ppm. Yet, in a short 65 years global levels have escalated to a frightening 400ppm and catalyzed climate change. These levels continue to rise rapidly everywhere… except inside Lend Lease's Shanghai Headquarters. There, morning CO2 levels typically hover around 280 ppm: levels unseen for over 150 years.

As a pilot project undergoing RESET certification, the office began tracking indoor air quality (IAQ) across 5 health...

Shanghai Air Part 4: The Dirty Story of Air Filters


In China, selling air purifiers is good business - and its getting better everyday. One doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to relate the growth in sales to the growth in public awareness of air pollution.

However, the irony is that they pollute more than they clean. Like many green technologies today, no one has bothered to step back and look at the big picture.

Comparing air filters usually boils down to price vs. performance. However, the reality is that in the higher-end range most...

Shanghai Air: Part 3: IKEA unit ruins test result?


After having written about air quality and the conundrum of opening windows to control pollutants, the next step should normally be to talk about air filters.

Not quite. Air filters are like applying band-aids to a cancer: they only help on the surface of things.

Far more important is eliminating chemical pollutants at the source.

Here's an example. Imagine we install a fire hose that pumps clean water into the Huangpu River. Obviously, the area right next to the fire hose will have the...

Shanghai Air: Part 2: Windows... Open vs. Closed?


A few years ago, i used to pause every time i opened the windows. I knew i'd be flushing out chemical pollutants, but i also knew i'd be bringing in particulates. Should i be opening the windows or keeping them closed? For most people, that question still lingers today.

Opening windows is good: it allows chemical pollutants to get out.

Opening windows is bad: it allows particulates to get in.

So, should we be keeping our windows open or closed?!

In theory, the math is easy. If you live or work in...

Shanghai Air: Part 1: Outdoor vs. Indoors


Statistics are fun. However, they also tend to be fairly irrelevant by being overly general. For example, knowing that Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors is interesting, but not all that useful to us in China, and more specifically Shanghai. The same is true of the classic U.S. statistic of indoor air being 4 to 25 times worse than outdoor air. Interesting... but what about Shanghai and the rest of China.?

We've spent the past ten years collecting air quality data that is relevant...

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