How RESET, WELL & LEED Dovetail


Consistently striving for higher human and environmental health standards, Haworth showcases in pictures how RESET, WELL and LEED dovetail in their Shanghai Showroom.

RESET is a sensor-driven, performance based building standard and certification program. Two modules were used for the Haworth Showroom:

RESET Air tracks, analyses and communicates the healthiness of air in real-time across PM2.5, CO2, TVOC, Temperature and Humidity. When used in combination with WELL, it helps achieve Features...

Pro Sports in China target RESET


In the world of air quality, 2014 will be remembered as the year in which the leaders in professional sports began to emerge. Those leaders have included the Rolex Masters Cup and the World Golf Championship - HSBC Champions, part of the PGA Tour.

Despite being outdoor sporting events, players, media and staff of these week-long tournaments spend most of their time indoors: between the hotel, lounge areas and conference zones. This collection of spaces is rarely owned by the organizers and...

Event Review: EPDs, the Next Step in Product Transparency


March 25th was an historic date for product transparency and information quality. It marked the first public session on EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) for building materials in China. The evening brought together five industry leaders to explain EPDs, why they are significant and how they are being used. Thank you to the 111 people who were part of this event as well as Haworth who generously provided the space.

Raefer Wallis, Founder of GIGA (GIGA is a building and material think...

Manufacturers are walking the Talk


LEED project certifications are important not only to designers, but to manufacturers as well. More and more manufacturers are building their own offices and headquarters to LEED specifications. Haworth and Kokuyo are two good examples.

Haworth Shanghai Organic Showroom

Located in Eco City on Shanghai's West Nanjing Road, Haworth's Organic Workspace is certified LEED gold. Haworth picked building materials with their environmental performance in mind: low VOC content, recyclable, and from...

The Science of Sustainability: New Drivers of Change


As the head of sustainability for Haworth, my responsibilities are to reduce the impact our projects, as well as shifting our business to prepare for a world lacking in natural resources.

My motivation and passion to create changes at Haworth does not come from news headlines nor carbon disclosure targets. It comes from having spent years in Chinese manufacturing before Haworth, exporting goods for the world’s largest brands from the heart of the then Chinese economy – factories manufacturing...

Organized Chaos: GIGA Match

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We love experiments. We wondered what would happen when we threw ahand-picked group of China's top green designers and manufacturers together to discuss projects and materials. The result was a fun, energetic, fast-paced, and productive pilot event. Our select group took over Sushi Abuse, Shanghai's hippest new Japanese restaurant, for a day of speed dating and workshops. Within 6 hours, 27 designers and 28 manufacturers had over 260 meetings, drank 143 glasses of water and tea, ate 45 pieces...

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