Co-Working is Co-Sharing Bad Air


Co-Working is Co-Sharing Bad Air

In July of 2016 GIGA set out to find and celebrate the healthiest co-working space in Beijing and Shanghai. Air monitors were installed for a week of continuous testing throughout dozens of locations. Done with the support of PureLiving, we hoped to answer a question we’ve been asked again and again, “which co-working space has the healthiest indoor environment?” Unfortunately the results left us without much to celebrate, making this a difficult (and very...

Impaired Decision Making in Conference Rooms


Impaired Decision Making in Conference Rooms

During the first half of 2016, Gensler embarked on a study to measure the impact of plants on indoor air quality. Led by Kyle Mertensmeyer, the study included the participation of PureLiving, Green Fortune, Qlear and GIGA. The study was part of a three year Gensler research project on indoor and outdoor air quality.

Although many of the findings are ground-breaking, producing enough graphs and statistics to fill a 100 page report that reads like a...

Event Review: EPDs, the Next Step in Product Transparency


March 25th was an historic date for product transparency and information quality. It marked the first public session on EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) for building materials in China. The evening brought together five industry leaders to explain EPDs, why they are significant and how they are being used. Thank you to the 111 people who were part of this event as well as Haworth who generously provided the space.

Raefer Wallis, Founder of GIGA (GIGA is a building and material think...

Material Sourcing: Interview


We recently had the chance to interview Gensler's Material Librarian, Jessie Wu to discuss green material sourcing in China. Gensler is an American-based international design firm with a team of architects, designers, planners, and consultants. Responsible for 3,000 projects each year, Genler partners with their clients to deliver local solutions with a global perspective. Gensler's team includes 2,500 employees working in 38 locations around the globe. Gensler is the brains behind the ...

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