2O2O VISION: the Data Drive is underway


Wednesday June 26th, 2013 will go down in history as the official launch of the 2O2O VISION Green Building Challenge. As evening fell in Shanghai, design professionals, pioneering manufacturers and international media filled Kokuyo's ultra-contemporary, award-winning Flagship Showroom to welcome the largest transition to green building the world has ever seen.

The evening marked a night to celebrate the months of research and collaboration between GIGA and the industry's top professionals who,...

Plumber's Diaries


All plastics are created from petroleum and have recently come under fire from environmentalists around the world. Scan the internet and you'll find countless articles about waste, massive ocean dead zones, and chemical tyranny. For better or worse, plastic isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Until it does, there are very notable differences between the plastics that are currently in the market. Of course, every design requirement dictates an individual solution, though not all plastics are...

Scentless Bathrooms?! Entirely Possible.


If you've used a bathroom in China, you are familiar with a consistently funky and unpleasant smell that seeps from most toilets. When Swiss-based Geberit called our research team, promising to demystify this nagging problem, we were in disbelief. Impossible. Our doubt brought us to their Shanghai manufacturing facility to have a first hand look at the solutions they've developed over their 135+ year history.

We walked into Geberit's facility and were greeted by a 3 story demonstration wall,...

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