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  • GIGA Material Challenge Beijing (Sept 20th): Inkmason are Masters of the Competition

GIGA Material Challenge Beijing (Sept 20th): Inkmason are Masters of the Competition

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  • Date September 22nd, 2014 20:01
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  • On the 20th of September, GIGA held it's sixth Material Challenge in Beijing's Agricultural Exhibition Center. With the support of the organisers behind the 2014 Beijing International Decoration Innovation Design Expo, the Material Challenge was undoubtedly the most exciting event at the Expo this year.

    Participating Material Providers who designed tasks for the Design teams were Philips Lighting, Interface Carpets, Wilsonart Laminates, and imondi. The highest scoring and winning Design team were from Inkmason International, followed by a joint effort from Sunlay and CCDI, and second runners-up were the Gensler team. 

    飞利浦 Philips

    Task: Lighting provider Philips showcased their Landscape lighting products, asking Design teams to use light and solid to create 2D Architectural drawings out of Philips' LED display screen. 

    英特飞地毯 Interface

    Task: Using tiles from Interface's Hospitality range, Design teams were given miniature furniture to turn carpet tiles into an inspiring and unique hotel interior.

    威盛亚装饰贴面 Wilsonart

    Task: Design teams used leaves cut from Wilsonart's flame-resistant laminates to create 3D tree sculptures that embodied the ideals of Wilsonart's sustainable sourcing of Wood materials with the FSC certificate. 

    艾梦迪地板 imondi

    Task: imondi had designers getting their hands dirty restoring and fixing salvaged timber floor boards.


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