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  • GIGA Material Challenge in Beijing (July 12), MMoser Rises Above the Heat of Competition

GIGA Material Challenge in Beijing (July 12), MMoser Rises Above the Heat of Competition

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  • Date July 15th, 2014 14:13
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  • Three weeks after the last Material Challenge in Shanghai on the 21st of June, GIGA held it's most recent Material Challenge in a converted Church space in Beijing. Now the CBC site (China Building Center), the former Church on Beijing's Tong lin ge Road saw 21 teams of Designers participate in a day of spirited competition. The Material providers present were VOXFLOR, SIREWALL and AURO.

    The GIGA Material Challenge centers around the premise that architects and designers learn more about building materials and finishes when they experience them first-hand. By pairing the design community with participating suppliers, the GIGA Material Challenge offers a day of intensive learning and detailed demonstrations covering the technical aspects of different products and building materials.   There isn't a more interactive, materials-focused competition that is this much fun anywhere!

    With the heat of competition on their minds, it seemed participants barely noticed the summer temperatures that reached 34 degrees outside. VOXFLOR's task allowed our typically space-oriented Architects to crossover into the realm of fashion by asking them to create a garment made of carpet face fabrics from the brand's colourful Strike carpet collection.

    Architects got a history lesson with the task by SIREWALL, represented by the only locally licensed rammed earth contractor in China, EMCC. The system of building structural walls out of layers of compacted soil modernizes pre-industrial methods of construction by reinforcing the walls with rebar and rigid insulation. Our participants were able to experience firsthand the blending and layering of soil mixes to create a structure almost wholly made of locally sourced materials.

    Similarly light in its negative environmental impact, the third provider AURO produces natural paints sourced only from organic and sustainable resources. Participants had their go at blending the highly pigmented AURO paints to create works of art.

    Competition was incredibly tight, with the winner being decided only with the final Challenge. In the end, with a total score of 288, Mmoser’s team earned first place and walked away with new iPad Minis, which with engraved ‘GIGA Material Challenge’. Genser  (284 points) finished second and LBY (278 points) finished in third. Both teams won MRKT designer bags. 

    What Participating Designers have to say:

    "Through first-hand experience, I could truly see the unique qualities of each Material."

    "These quick-fire challenges really amped up our creativity!"

    "A great team bonding experience!”

    GIGA will host an upcoming Material Challenge in Beijing on the 20th of September, and in Shanghai on the 25th of October. Designers who've yet to participate are highly encouraged to sign up. 

    View event photos in the following gallery: http://www.gigabase.org/mc#events/3/gallery













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