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  • GIGA Material Challenge Shanghai: While it rained outside, Gensler reigned inside!

GIGA Material Challenge Shanghai: While it rained outside, Gensler reigned inside!

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  • Date June 23rd, 2014 22:55
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  • Plum Rains poured down over Shanghai last Saturday, but inside, there was plenty of heated competition taking place at the Yang Design Museum.

    Providing an amazingly unique backdrop, the Yang Design Museum graciously hosted GIGA's 4th Material Challenge and the industrial factory-turned-museum was a flurry of excited architects, designers and material suppliers. True to form, the GIGA Material Challenge showcased five of the industry's truly innovative manufacturer's in a forum unlike any other.  

    The GIGA Material Challenge centers around the premise that architects and designers learn more about building materials and finishes when they experience them first-hand.  By pairing the design community with participating suppliers, the GIGA Material Challenge offers a day of intensive learning and detailed demonstrations covering the technical aspects of different products and building materials.   There isn't a more interactive, materials-focused competition that is this much fun anywhere!

    The day started off with fresh breakfast treats from Pure & Whole Vegetarian Restaurants to get the group of nearly 100 architects and designers set for a full day of friendly competition.

    With the support of our participating manufacturers, Somfy Automatic Control Systems, Auro Natural Paints, Wilsonart FSC certified Laminates, Interface Modular Carpet, Latticrete Green and High Performance Grouts, this Material Challenge had some of the most interesting challenges to date. The feedback from the architects and designers has been overwhelmingly supportive and positive;

    "The fun was limitless!"

    "The manufacturers activities were full of creativity!"

    "I really enjoyed how we had the freedom to explore the different products!"

    As the competitors learned how to mix custom Auro Natural Paints, dissasemble, convert and reassemble Somfy vertical blind systems and create a unique interior maquette utilizing Interface Carpet tiles, the points tallied up in quick order.  Wilsonart's activity challenged designers to create an artistic interpretation of their FSC laminates and Laticrete fused the practicality of grout with the glamour of glitter with their Spectralock system.

    Everyone enjoyed tasty lunch bites and refreshing beverages as they made their way through each challenge round, and with the accumulating points being added up, the competition was too close to call.  It wasn't until the final points were tallied that the winners could be officially announced.  

    With a total of 453 pts, the third place winners were Nellie Yang, Christine Chang, Yun Zhao, Jingfeng Fang of Neri & Hu Architects and were awarded designer iPad sleeves from MRKT Designs.

    In second place, with a mere two-point separation were Ellen Chen, Lina Hsieh, Jacqueline Min, Ximi Li also of Neri & Hu Architects showing a true sense of firm camaraderie!  The team members each won messenger bags from MRKT Designs.

    But the outstanding performances of Neri & Hu couldn't quite catch the top score of 461 points that solidified the first place position and grand prize winners, Zia Tyebjee, Anna Demuth, Baixin Ren, Lulu Zhang of Gensler!  All four of the team members are now the proud owners of custom-engraved GIGA Material Challenge iPad minis!  

    Congratulations to all our winners and a big thanks to everyone who participated!

    Team GIGA couldn't have asked for a more enthusiastic group of creative designers and architects for this Material Challenge.  We had as much fun planning and organizing as the participants did in competing.  We sincerely thank our friends at the Yang Museum for their support and give a most appreciative applause to our outstanding manufacturers who showcased top notch materials with marked professionalism.

    So, who will be the reigning champions of the next Material Challenge?  Will Gensler be able to maintain their position on the winner's platform?  Have you assembled your team to take up the Challenge?  Be sure to log on to www.gigabase.org/mc to sign your team up for GIGA Material Challenge Beijing and we'll see you July 12th!

    For more photos: http://www.gigabase.org/mc#events/1/gallery

    Short Video: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNzMxODk2MTk2.html















    上图:来自Neri & Hu的设计师们,获得第三名,奖品为MRKT iPad内胆

    上图:来自Neri & Hu的设计师们,获得第二名,奖品为MRKT 邮差包

    上图:来自Gensler的设计师们,获得第一名,奖品为镌刻有中英文的GIGA循绿|材料挑战赛的iPad mini

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