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  • GIGA Material Challenge 2014 Remaining Schedule

GIGA Material Challenge 2014 Remaining Schedule

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  • Date April 23rd, 2014 12:52
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  • Want designers to experience your materials like above?

    Based on popular demand from both Designers and yourselves, GIGA is planning a whole year of Material Challenges, in both Shanghai and Beijing. The event calendar is released: 

    Dates may differ slightly depending on the availability of venues.

    INTRODUCTION: GIGA & GIGA Material Challenge

    GIGA is a building and material think tank with locations in Shanghai, Beijing and Montreal. One of GIGA's aims is to research cutting-edge materials and highlight innovative products. We introduced GIGA Material Challenge as a way for designers and architects to experiment with materials in the truest sense; with "hands on" activities. Custom designed by suppliers, Material Challenges are fun, showing the unique properties and features of materials and build designers’ expertise.


    How it works

    - All attending designers will experience your material through 20 minute activities.

    - Quizzes will test designers' knowledge of your material.

    - Exclusive event. Each event is limited to 5 brands.

    - Designers will compete to win prizes (Grand Prize is iPad mini).

    Why it works

    - activities are fast-paced, memorable and fun - designers will remember your brand.

    - activities build credibility and trust in your brand, materials and services.

    - when specifying, designers choose materials they remember and trust.

    - Material Challenges are fun, useful, and competitive - designers love to participate.


    • Designer Interaction: Up to 100 designers will attend the event. Every attendee will experiment hands-on with your materials.

    • Exclusive exposure: only 5 brands will be selected to participate in each event.

    • Strategic Positioning: Position your brand as an industry leader: showcase your expertise, knowledge and competitive benefits.

    • Media Exposure: Promoted on GIGA’s website, WeChat and Weibo.

    • Participants List: receive contact information of ALL participants. 

    • Powerful Marketing: receive professional photos. 

    • Feedback Report: hone your communication strategy based on your clients’ feedback. 

    Designer Feedback From Past GIGA Material Challenges:


    Event 1: Shanghai, June 21th, Saturday

    Event 2: Beijing, July 12th, Saturday

    Event 3*: Beijing, September 20th, Saturday

    Event 4: Shanghai, October 25th, Saturday

    Dates may differ slightly depending on the availability of venues. 

    * Event 3 will be hosted in conjunction with the Beijing Design & Innovation EXPO at the Beijing Agricultural Hall (农业展览馆). 


    Shanghai Venue - Yang Museum: The building with over 100 years history, and has been renovated from an old factory. 

    Beijing Venue - CBC site: This is a historical cathedral which has been renovated, with beautiful wood details. 


    Please click here: http://xiangce.baidu.com/gigabase

    We are looking forward to seeing you at GIGA Material Challenge!


    Benito: bmb@gigabase.org

    CJ Chen: cj@gigabase.org

    Lingling: zll@gigabase.org

    Phone: 021-5212 3163

    Download the full presentation please click here. 

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