Material boards just launched

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  • Date September 26th, 2012 23:13
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  • Building on designer feedback, we have just launched a better, more powerful way to organize materials for your projects: Say hello to material boards:




    1. Under 'Create', select Boards


    2. Give your board a name: Boards can serve to organize materials for an entire project or a space within a project. It could be Lujiazui Tower or Conference Room A... the sky is the limit. Enter notes and select a mood image.


    3. Once the Board is set-up, click on 'Materials' in the top bar.


    4. On the materials page, filter and search for the materials you need for your project. Click on the '+' sign to add it to your board.


    5. Once the pop-up window appears, select the board you would like to add it too. Click 'Specify'.


    6. Once you are done adding materials. Click on your profile and then click on your board to see and edit the materials you've saved.


    Share your board with your colleagues, or even your clients. This is just the beginning, keep an eye on new features for the boards!

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