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  • GIGA Material Challenge @EXPOBUILD: Day 1!

GIGA Material Challenge @EXPOBUILD: Day 1!

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  • By Pan Chaoyang
  • Date April 1st, 2014 00:13
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  • Strong start to the GIGA Material Challenge @ EXPOBUILD China

    Working with materials can get a bit too serious... we know... we research materials every day!

    So, during the GIGA Material Challenge we invite GIGA users to simply let loose and have fun with materials. Inevitably, everyone ends up learning a whole lot more.

    Day 1 was a frenzy of hands-on challenges thanks to Laticrete, Dulux, Interface, Koshii Woods, Novalis, Gabriel and 3Form. Join us for Day 2 or Day 3. Have fun, learn... and hopefully win!

    Here is the recap of Day 1 in pictures...

    Congratulations to the winners of Day 1. Day 2 and Day 3 might be you!

    Laticrete is back for their third material challenge... and this time their challenge demo is simply too cool. Not only can they waterproof a cardbox box... but they can do it without killing the fish. When performance meets non-toxicity, you know you've got a good product.

    INTERFACE: The interface carpet puzzles designed for the Material Challenge have rapidly become a classic... and draw a number of onlookers (or back-seat puzzlers). No pressure!

    3FORM: Who has dreamed of building with lego at large scale? Not only would it be fun, but it would be demountable and reusable. Now imagine if it were transluscent and patterned? 3Form has challenged designers to define space by building large 3D partitions.

    DULUX: We all think we're good with colors... but are we really? Dulux has pixelated well know images and challenged the designers to match the color pixels... with swatches from their low-voc collections. Color is tricky... this is not as easy as it looks!

    NOVALIS: Novalis' click system enables flooring to be installed without glues, dissassembled and reused... or fully recycled. This challenge invites designers to discover the strength of the click and push the limits!

    GABRIEL: Gabriel is well known for pushing the envelope on high performance, eco-effective fabrics. Now, they are inviting designers to push the envelope of shades with their bold colors and textures.

    KOSHII WOODS: Give designers some wood and a few power tools and you're sure to get a Challenge that people will line up for! Yet, it's never as obvious as it looks... just like sourcing sustainably managed wood. Learn to look for what's not immediately obvious.

    And to wrap it up, a picture of the winners with the GIGA crew.
    Join us for Day 2 or Day 3. Have fun, learn... and hopefully win!

    Event Information

    Time: March 31 - April 2, 2014 (Monday - Wednesday)

    Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center, Hall W1, Booth E45 ( 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong, Shanghai )

    Getting there: Subway Line 2 Line 7 Longyang Road Station Exit 4

    Cost: Free. Participation is in teams of two. If you come alone, we'll find you a team member!
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