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  • BUYING: International Green Design Firm.

BUYING: International Green Design Firm.

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  • By Pan Chaoyang
  • Date March 12th, 2014 08:35
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  • If you were asked to recommend a global design firm to purchase, which one would it be?

    Last week saw the acquisition of Wilson Associates by Xian Dai / ECADI. Although it was announced as a partnership, it was a purchase estimated at just under $100 Million. When I read the news my first reaction was to wonder who would be next. In the hyper competitive world of Design Institutes it is just a matter of time until others start to follow.

    Case in point. Yesterday I was catching up with a close friend from one of the largest Design Institutes in China. His question was direct and pointed: which design firm should they purchase? Whether or not a firm was currently for sale was irrelevant. There is a price to everything.

    Don't get me wrong. As one of the largest design engines in the world this Design Institute is highly connected and doesn't need any introductions. However, what I found interesting was the nature of the request: a major design firm who has green in their DNA.

    Many major design firms sprinkle green on top of standard design. They follow trends. In this particular case the Design Institute was seeking an opinion on which major global design firm understood China and was transformational in the field of green design. They are keenly aware that this field is undergoing fundamental changes and that finding an accomplished follower is not enough: they need an accomplished pioneer.

    The name of the Design Institute has intentionally been kept anonymous. It is not an important piece of information. What is important is that this is just the beginning, that 'business-as-usual' is no longer enough and that green leadership will be commanding a premium.
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