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  • Event Review:GIGA Material Challenge- 2014 Beijing

Event Review:GIGA Material Challenge- 2014 Beijing

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  • Date March 6th, 2014 11:30
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  • “Such a great event, we had a great time. Team building, learning and fun all in one! "

    On March 1st, 2014 Beijing played host to GIGA's Material Challenge. Created to give Designers hands-on exposure to industry leading materials, the event challenged teams of Designers to experiment with materials to complete design problems. In the process, participants learned about and experienced the benefits of materials, building their knowledge and expertise while having fun.

    The Material Challenge was a huge success - Designers and Suppliers packed the venue and provided an electric buzz as 21 design offices fiercely competed to complete challenges designed by Blum, Laticrete, Interface and Philips

    Blum’s Challenge, “Dynamic Space Kitchen Design” challenged designers to properly detail kitchens while highlighting Blum’s industry leading hardware and professional design solutions. Blum’s Challenge was highly informative, 42.3% of participants learned the most from Blum’s Challenge. 

    Laticrete created “The Charm of Artistic Building” to challenge designers to creatively “paint” skyscrapers using their 310 Stone Adhesive and industrial materials which are often chemically bonded. Laticrete's Challenge showcased both the performance and range of substrate bonding possibilities their 310 Stone Adhesive offers. 27.3% of Designers learned the most from Laticrete’s Challenge. 

    “Create More”, designed by Interface showcased the aesthetic range and flexibility of their modular carpet solutions. Designers were challenged to complete as many geometric puzzles as possible within 30 minutes, showing the infinite number of design possibilities offered by Interface carpets. Balancing fun and difficulty, the Interface Challenge was voted the top activity by 20.6% of Designers. 

    Last, Designers created a Philips “LED Fashion Show” by integrating LED lights into clothing. The Challenge showcased both the application flexibility of LED lights, and the range and importance of experience and ambience created by beautiful lighting design. By blending design, aesthetics and performance, 33.4% of Designers voted Philips’ Challenge as the top activity. 

    Competition was incredibly tight, with the winner being decided only with the final Challenge. In the end, with a total score of 382, Gensler’s team earned first place and walked away with new iPad Minis. CCDI  (379 points) finished second and Callison (377 points) finished in third. Both teams won MRKT designer bags

    The response to the event has been overwhelming, 83.8% of Designers are VERY likely to attend again and have had exciting feedback: 

    “Such a great event, we had a great time, and met a lot of friends. “

    “I have never seen my team work so hard! Even on their own design. “

    “I was surprised by how enthusiastic everyone was!"

    “I cannot believe that we could work so well with people who we have never met.“

    In addition to having fun, Designers learned a lot about the participating Brands and the materials they experimented with. 75.3% of Designers felt they knew more about the participating Brands and their services after the event. Designers also learned more about materials, 72.4% of participants felt the Material Challenge improved their knowledge and 100% have more confidence and trust in the participating brands. 

    Special thanks to CBC (wechat account: CBC_2013) for hosting the Material Challenge and to Smooth for keeping everyone fueled with healthy, delicious food throughout the event. 

    Don’t miss the next GIGA Material Challenge: March 31st, April 2nd, 2014 at UBM's HDD Show - Expo Build China. Shanghai New International EXPO Center (上海国际新展览中心). To register for the event, please send email to: join@gigabase.org

    Images seleced: 

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    Above: Registration started at 10:30. 

    Above: Challenge started, participants playing with Interface and Philips. 

    Above: Challenge started, participants playing with Laticrete and Blum. 

    Above: Designer carefully studying the task from Blum “Dynamic Space Kitchen Design”. 

    Above: After finishing the Interface carpet puzzle competion, designers taking photos. 

    Above: Designers using the Laticrete 310 Stone Adhesive to create a "paint". I am proud of work! 

    Above: Philips LED Fashion Show. Hi!

    Above: Lunch between the challenges. 

    Above: After four rounds of the GIGA Material Challenge, the Awards ceremony starts. 

    Above: Gensler’s team earned first place and walked away with new iPad Minis

    Above: CCDI  (379 points) finished second place and won mrkt designer bags.

    Above:  Callison (377 points) finished in third place and won MRKT designer bags

    Above: After the awards, designers still carefully watching their scores on the screen. 

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