Biomimetic 仿生

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  • Date April 6th, 2012 09:53
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  • Biomimetic refers to traits which mimic those found in nature (velcro, for example). For the past 3.8 billion years, nature has been fueling production with clean energy, non-toxic raw materials, all while increasing biodiversity with production byproducts.Our shared challenge is to create (and build a market for) biomimetic materials.

    仿生是指模仿自然界已有的特性 (比如魔术贴的发明)。在过去的38亿年里,大自然一直利用清洁能源 (太阳能)、无毒害的原材料有条不紊地运作着,即使产生"废弃物"也成为其它生物的养分。大自然是我们最好的老师,我们共同面临的挑战就是创造更多的仿生材料。


    Note: Our aim is for transparency and clarity; we want you to know all of our methodologies and assumptions. Both are listed below and are defined to support development towards restorative solutions. Chinese and English are listed together to avoid communication gaps.


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