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  • Nothing inspires green design better than a successful center-fold project. Each underscores what is possible, serving as a benchmark for others. The benefit of posting your projects is two-fold; precedents provide solutions and inspiration for others to build greener projects while highlighting your achievements as a driver of green design. The more you post, the more you showcase your expertise.

    Who should post Projects?
    Designers, Manufacturers, Service Providers, and Contractors

    Why you should post.
    - seeing is believing; highlight the impact of your products and/or services
    - share your vision and create a brand following
    - get exposure for new project leads
    - build a collaborative network with other users and engage with your followers
    - control what is said about your work

    What you should post.
    Post competitions, in-progress designs, projects under construction, and built work.

    - competitions push limits and boundaries
    - some of the best ideas never get built; create awareness for work that should be

    - get feedback to optimize your work
    - create a following for your work

    - create a habit of measuring progress
    - create a following for your work

    - set benchmarks for yourself and others
    - showoff the impact of what your expertise can achieve.

    Posting is simple.
    1. Log-in

    2. Click 'Add +'

    3. Select 'Projects'

    4. You will be guided through 3 simple steps to add
        - photos & media
        - project vitals
        - project team information

    5. You can always edit any project you create.

    Add a Project now.

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