Carbon Offsets 碳补偿

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  • Date April 10th, 2012 11:41
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  • Credits which are purchased and traded to manage carbon emissions produced from human activity. Effective management strategies include using existing forests and vegetation, planting programs, and/or rehabilitating vegetation to absorb and utilize carbon. Though investment in clean renewable energy is critical to achieve low-carbon fuel sources, it does not directly improve current carbon management problems. RESET recognizes all accredited carbon offsets though those that invest in carbon management strategies are preferable.

    为了管理人类活动碳排放而进行的购买或交易活动。目前有效的管理策略包括利用现有的森林和植物、种植计划,以及通过重新种植来吸收碳排放。尽管投资清洁可 再生能源有助于从燃料源头实现低碳,但并不直接对碳管理现状产生影响。RESET认可所有权威的碳抵消认证,但是更赞同投资碳管理策略。

    Note: Our aim is for transparency and clarity; we want you to know all of our methodologies and assumptions. Both are listed below and are defined to support development towards restorative solutions. Chinese and English are listed together to avoid communication gaps.

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