GIGA v.3.1.7, New Features

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  • Date May 8th, 2012 12:23
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  • We just launched our most recent round of updates. Version 3.1.7 includes these new features:

    Projects. Find completed projects, construction projects, and projects on the boards to inspire your next design. Save projects you want to follow or add your own. For the next few weeks we'll be featuring a new green project, every day. Keep this page bookmarked to see when the new projects roll in.

    Materials. Easily find materials and add them to your projects. Bigger material images make them easier to see and understand. Easily save or share materials you like.

    ADD Content. All content submission forms have a simpler User Interface making it easy for you to add your projects and materials. We also improved your user profile making it easier to find and manage the content you add.

    Share Content. Directly email content you like to your colleagues and friends.

    Forgot Password and Log-out Stability. We fixed log-out bugs and added a feature to help retrieve forgotten passwords.

    Connectivity. Soon all of your GIGA activity will be synched with your Weibo and Huaban accounts keeping your network up to date with your eco-activities.

    Ping Manufacturer. With the click of a button you'll be able to connect with Manufacturers and ask for more information.

    GIGA runs on  SCRUM Agile to launch new features every 3 to 4 weeks. Features are prioritized based on user demand. To voice your opinion on what we should build next, or to become a GIGA beta tester, contact us.

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