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  • Fact: green design starts with green materials. There are heaps of green materials in the market today but designers don't have time to find all of them. We solve this problem by allowing users to add, share, and collect an exponential number of materials. Add materials to share new solutions and showcase your green expertise.

    Who should post Materials?
    Manufacturers, Designers, Vendors, and Contractors.

    Why you should post.
    - highlight your brand and create a following
    - help build a useful green material database
    - better understand what makes materials green
    - earn points to increase your GIGA status

    What you should post.
    - optimize exposure: post your entire material portfolio
    - increase project leads: upload product specifications and technical details
    - create a following: upload certifications, test reports, chemistry reports, photos, and videos.

    - create leverage: add materials that you want to know more about
    - give feedback: identify materials you trust and like
    - speak up: ask questions and share comments

    - generate sales: add the materials you sell
    - give feedback: identify materials you trust and like
    - create a following: identify best fit applications for your materials

    - create a following: add your favorite materials
    - differentiate yourself: explain the positive and negative attributes of materials

    Posting is simple.
    1. Log-in
    2. Click 'Add +'
    3. Select 'Materials'
    4. You will be guided through 4 simple steps
        - vital information (required)
        - green achievements
        - technical details
        - media and documentation
    5. You can always edit any materials you create.

    Add a Material now.


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