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  • Why GIGA Rankings?
    With a growing abundance of global certifications differentiating their meaning and relevance is murky. Our users have expressed confusion in understanding all of the different tests and standards which are leveraged by each certification. GIGA Rankings exist to help alleviate confusion by making certifications comparable. Rankings are based on research deriving from approved certifications and test reports. Our research team collects and verifies data and susses results down to their most basic denominators making it easier to compare the rigor and meaning of the slew of available certifications. Making certifications understandable is core to our mission for regeneration; comparable certifications enable the impact of materials to also be compared. Differentiation creates competition for manufacturers to continually improve towards regenerative solutions.

    1. Roadmap
    Rankings showcase what manufacturers have achieved today. They also help identify benchmarks towards which manufacturers and entire material industries can evolve to achieve in the future. Setting proper goals up front and tracking them through Rankings provides a Roadmap for Manufacturers to meet their targets. We've set our own Roadmap on regeneration, manufacturers with Ranked materials share this vision and trajectory with us. RESETTM Criteria help us all get there.

    2. RESETTM Criteria
    RESETTM (Regenerative Ecological Social and Economic Targets) Criteria consider energy, raw materials (the two parameters that determine the environmental impact of all materials) and production operations.
    Regenerative Energy:
    - uses energy from clean renewable sources
    - positively manages carbon emissions
    - has efficiencies similar to nature

    Regenerative Raw Materials:
    - are made with healthy chemistries
    - do not radiate
    - are sourced from classifiable sources (biological or geological)
    - can be sourced from waste loops
    - are produced to enable separation and reuse/recycling

    Regenerative Operations:
    - give equal opportunity to all staff
    - provide safe working environments
    - use triple top line economics to prioritize business decisions

    Collectively, RESETTM Criteria provide a comprehensive transparent foundation to compare the impact of materials and material industries. Backed by chemistry, and qualified auditors, RESETTM Criteria provide an authoritative framework for manufacturers to measure and communicate the impact of what they've achieved. RESETTM Criteria recognize regenerative solutions, and those that incrementally raise the bar towards regeneration. GIGA's database updates automatically as information is added allowing manufacturers to move towards their goals at their own pace while maximizing their exposure with each incremental step they take. 


    3. Upward Pull
    Material industries come alive with Rankings. As information (new materials or additional documentation for existing materials) is added to GIGA, Rankings change, allowing materials and markets to be tracked. This helps create competition and interest which pulls the entire market upwards. Designers can help create upward pull by using and following Ranked materials. With enough pull all industries can transform. Get involved today.

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