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  • Date June 19th, 2012 18:53
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  • We can't say thank you enough to the users who are pushing the database. We have a feeling you'll find this week's new features exciting.

    Material Search Filter: We've made searching for materials far more fun and intuitive. Start with the Material Categories, choose a filter and speed up your searches. If you've picked too many categories, just delete the categories you don't want from the filter bar.

    Green Features Search Filter: Next, add green features (such as low VOC, rapidly renewable, etc.) to your filters and further refine your search. Or, search using only the green features across all categories. Finally, if you got carried away with filters and nothing shows up, simply delete the filters you don't want from the filter bar.

    Ping manufacturer: This one is simple, convenient and extremely powerful. Have a question about the product you are looking at? Don't believe or understand the claims? Want to encourage a manufacturer to get ranked? Want to request a material sample or additional information? Ping the manufacturer!!

    The 'Ping' will send an email to the manufacturer, and copy you in the process.

    Vendors: All the vendors that used to be in the database will soon be back... plus more.

    GIGA runs on  SCRUM Agile to launch new features every 3 to 4 weeks. Features are prioritized based on user demand. To voice your opinion on what we should build next, or to become a GIGA beta tester, contact us.

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