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GIGA blog and forum: a community of environmentalists

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  • Date August 5th, 2010 18:10
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  • At GIGA, we're pushing for positive impact - to improve our environments (ie: cleaner air, soil and water). For us, materials are the building blocks of impact because they create everything that surrounds you - your clothes, your computer, buildings, cars, everything. Placing value on materials supports incremental improvement, allowing positive action to begin immediately. Not clear? Take your computer, for example. To produce a positive impact computer tomorrow is impossible. Your computer is designed as a waste commodity; it is intended to be thrown away. This wastes valuable materials while leaching your computer's toxins (ie: cadmium) into the environment as it degrades. To be positive, production must evolve to operate as a circular economy where manufacturing uses materials in a closed loop (no waste). This dictates that manufacturers provide services rather than commodities. Your computer, rather your manufacturer's computer, would be leased to you for a period of time before being reclaimed for reproduction. Circular economies put value on materials - giving manufacturers financial incentives to produce safe, quality, affordable materials, all without producing waste. Material improvements are prioritized in circular economies, as each directly increases profitability. This is obviously a complex system that cannot be achieved tomorrow. Manufacturing, however, still needs to reach this positive level of impact. The good news is, it can. Focusing on materials, the individual components, allows this goal to be incrementally worked towards. Closed loop production would require your computer's body to be redesigned and new materials to be researched. Both take time. Individual improvements, however, can be made now as manufacturing is tweaked and as research develops. Reclaimed materials, carbon offsets and biodegradable packaging are all positive impact solutions that are entirely possible, today, now. These incremental improvements can be made until each component piece is positive. If the pieces are all positive, so too is the end result. This is why GIGA values materials so highly. Great, what does this have to do with GIGA's new Blog and Forum? Glad you asked. GIGA blog, why? Action requires incentive. For example: I am motivated to do my laundry because I don't want to smell. Without this incentive, I'd probably never do laundry again. Manufacturers also need incentives to produce greener materials. If consumers demand positive impact materials and products, manufacturers will produce them. You can help make everything around you (clothes, computer, buildings, cars....) environmentally positive. How? Every purchase you make creates demand for production. If everyone stopped buying Nike shoes tomorrow, for whatever reason, suddenly Nike would have a reason to revaluate its clients and change its product. Obviously, if you are the only person that stops buying Nike shoes, this will have little effect on production streams. Clearly there's power in numbers and scale. A community is necessary to voice desires and concerns. GIGA's blog and forum are participatory platforms which give a collective voice to environmental issues. Both are used to underscore juicy environmental problems and solutions that are important or even consequential in China's environmental sphere. This gives users access to become informed AND active environmentalists. Novices and experts are equally encouraged and welcome to join GIGA's community in an incremental movement towards positive impact. As you participate, you will learn and, most importantly, will be instantly plugged in to a growing network of people who share your passion for the environment and are actively protecting it. The intent of GIGA's community is to develop and introduce new ideas and strategies to test and respond to. This cycle of creating ideas, testing them, evaluating the results, and responding with new ideas is precisely the cycle that GIGA is based on. This process is also designed to add incremental value. Thus, your participation is scalable: it carries a ripple effect. As you participate, GIGA's information becomes broader and fine-tuned, our community grows deeper, and our collective influence grows stronger. Together we can signal our intents and demand a safe, healthy and productive future. Welcome to the community. You have a powerful voice, get your environmental vocal chords warmed up. Details Blog articles will be uploaded regularly to instigate discussion and ideas for innovations and solutions. Topics will range from design, to lifestyle, to business though will all have a China-centric focus. Blog posts will be written by GIGA's bloggers, GIGA staff, and invited guest writers. GIGA's forum will launch in Spring 2010 and will operate as your own personal solutions center. Projects never allow enough time for research: users can post forum questions to get answers and tips from GIGA's community of users. The forum is intended to add content to GIGA’s main resources: GIGAbase, GIGApages, & GIGAcase. User comments will supplement existing material and popular forum topics will be identified to develop articles, solutions and tools: your input matters. Keep us bookmarked for the most up to date posts, or sign-up for our newsletter to be notified when fresh information breaks. How does it work? All registered users are invited to participate in GIGA's community. If you're not a member yet you can register for free, here. Once registered, you will have access to read, post and respond to content. This empowers you to make GIGA work for you. - What information is important to you? Topics which receive the most traffic also receive the most attention from our staff and media. This gives value and incentive for further content development. - What are we missing? Feel free to add your own posting, or submit a request to our site administrators. - What do you need help with? Post your questions to GIGA's forum to get feedback and answers for your specific questions. - What do you think? We value your feedback - especially critical and constructive feedback. This allows us to develop resources that matter to you. Leave comments, ideas, or data. Ground Rules There are a few minimum ground rules for participating. All community submissions will be uploaded to GIGA's server and will be reviewed by our administrative staff prior to being listed. GIGA is focused on positive impact, meaning we don't waste our time focusing on negative or destructive content. This doesn't mean we are afraid to be critical. We are looking for information, ideas and analysis that support critical, constructive, incremental improvements. Inappropriate or flagrant submissions, however, will not be posted. Also note that only public domain resources can be copied without permission.
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