Organized Chaos: GIGA Match

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  • Date November 26th, 2011 15:47
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  • We love experiments. We wondered what would happen when we threw ahand-picked group of China's top green designers and manufacturers together to discuss projects and materials. The result was a fun, energetic, fast-paced, and productive pilot event. Our select group took over Sushi Abuse, Shanghai's hippest new Japanese restaurant, for a day of speed dating and workshops. Within 6 hours, 27 designers and 28 manufacturers had over 260 meetings, drank 143 glasses of water and tea, ate 45 pieces of cake, and consumed 29kg of food. On average, participants had 11 speed dates, each an opportunity to get greener materials into real projects. (photos below)

    Sophia Mendelsohn, Haworth's Sustainability Leader, set the tone for the day, sharing Haworth's own incremental ecological journey. Vision and effort aside, Haworth (and every company's) ecological successes rely on the voice of their community. Incremental improvements, including carbon neutrality and FSC certification have been achieved only because end users ask for them. Sophia underscored the scalability of designers' decisions - some can singlehandedly change an entire industry. Sophia's keynote challenged designers to demand their ecological priorities and challenged manufacturers to respond to these demands.

    Speed Dating transformed Sushi Abuse into a playground, with conversations, laughter, debate, and demonstrations ceaselessly humming in the background. Even a hearty lunch was no match for discussion which carried on seamlessly in spite of overflowing bowls of Ramen, mackerel grilled to perfection, spicy veggie burgers topped with creamy avocado and pesto, and freshly squeezed juices. Hard work, good fun, and delicious food. The perfect combination.

    The humming stopped briefly when Hannah Lane, Senior Counsel at Ogilvy Earth, shared tools and samples for brands to communicate their ecological achievements and build a community of supporters and clients. Hannah delicately explained how successful brands empower their achievements from within, first engaging employees to create and drive initiatives. In a marketplace saturated with certifications, brand value increasingly depends on results to build consumers' trust and loyalty. Hannah stressed the importance of the 'journey', revealing that consumers are inclined to get behind an initiative that they can participate in. Participants left challenged to consider their own journeys and communication plans to show results.

    The afternoon offered a free-for-all for designers to schedule their own 'dates'. Designers competed to speak with manufacturers as a familiar buzz carried into the late afternoon. The event gradually came to a stop as the sun fell over Shanghai's Jingan District. Though empty, Sushi Abuse still felt abuzz with the remnants of a fun and productive day. Our experiment is certainly worth repeating and we're already looking ahead to our next Speed Dating event. We will again transform a boutique space into a playground for designers and manufacturers to comfortably get down to business. Our next event will be held in early Spring 2012. Spaces are limited, contact us to reserve your spot today.

    Did you attend GIGA Match? We've read your feedback and will send out our commitments for improvement with an event summary. If you have more suggestions, give us a shout.

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    Event Notes and Thanks:

    - Participating manufacturers included: biohouse, Broad, DESSO, Dupont, Envisionwall, Erco, Etrilum, Firestone, Flugger, Furniture Labo, Goldiden, Haworth, Knauf, Kryton, LeapSonic, ONLEAD, Renoxbell, Ricon, Roca, Sto, Wholetops, and Zhongyuan.

    - Designers participated from A00 Architecture, AECOM, Atkins, Arup, B+H, BEAR iD, DMU, EDG, Gensler, Kokai Studios, M.Moser, Neri & Hu, Nei interior space design, Robarts, and SRIBS.

    - A special thanks to Haworth and ONLEAD for participating as premium event sponsors. Thanks also to Haworth for sponsoring 'Maria', their newest personal space enabling table which was taken home by Sisi Powlick of M.Moser.

    - A special thanks to Sushi Abuse and Kush for allowing us to commandeer their space, for a constant supply of healthy beverages, and a delectable lunch whose flavors I'm still trying to savor.


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    Speed Dates: find project solutions (and leads).


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    Speed Dates: find new products.


    Lectures: Sophia Mendelsohn shares Haworth's environmental journey.


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    Working Lunch

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