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  • Daily Definition: Agricultural Waste 农作物废弃物

Daily Definition: Agricultural Waste 农作物废弃物

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  • Date March 26th, 2012 11:37
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  • The green world in confused with a myriad of changing terms and definitions. What does Sustainable mean? What about Carbon Neutral? Recyclable? Waste? A room full of people could spend hours arguing the meaning of each. This is exactly what we want to avoid. Instead of debating and defending the meaning of the words that define our work, we want to spend time developing work that has meaning and impact. .

    Our aim is for transparency and clarity; we want you to know all of our methodologies and assumptions. Both are listed below and are defined to support development towards restorative solutions. Though we are open to constructive comments, this is the basis of our work. Chinese and English are listed together to avoid communication gaps.

    Agricultural Waste 农作物废弃物:
    Simply put, Agricultural Wastes are any byproduct left over from agricultural processes. Note that agricultural materials that are harvested specifically for use are not considered waste. These materials are both organic and inorganic and include: crop surpluses or remains, fertilizers, pesticides, and livestock manure.

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