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  • LP Magazine highlights the first RESET awarded project

LP Magazine highlights the first RESET awarded project

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  • Date March 16th, 2012 15:43
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  • RESET (Regenerative Environmental Economic and Social Targets) is the goal and mission of GIGA. Zhang Jia Gang's Riverhouse, the first awarded RESET project, was recently featured by LP Magazine (Luxury Properties).
    The issue of sustainability has gained popularity within the luxury market and LP Magazine now features a special column to highlight "Responsible Building". LP interviewed Ronald Lu & Partners, GreenRoof Asia, and A00 Architecture, three of Asia's leading green design companies to discuss the impact of their recent work. A00's Riverhouse, the first awarded RESET project - a project which produces clean water effluent and has increased its site's biodiversity - sets a benchmark for regenerative design.

    Excerpts of interest:
    "Building responsibly is not only better for the environment, it is better for our own health and well being."
    "We still have a lot to learn from nature."
    "Nature does not prioritizes sustainability - it prioritizes the ability to thrive and evolve."
    "We are just starting to take lessons from the world’s most experienced designer: the biosphere. The biosphere has been designing for 3.8 billion years and has attained solutions that we merely scratch the surface of. If we are to survive as a species on this planet, we need to shift away from solutions for damage control towards solutions for environmental regeneration."
    "The Chinese Government has embraced green design, but Chinese developers have been slow to adopt the practice."

    If you want to read the full text, please contact us.


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