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Start a Pilot Project, Join the Data Drive

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  • Date August 3rd, 2013 16:15
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  • Since launching 2O2O VISION, designers and manufacturers have been calling to find out how to get involved. The excitement for the Green Building Challenge has been overwhelming; we've been flooded with calls and emails asking about the Data Drive, chemical requirements and how to start a Pilot Project. To answer these questions and to keep the momentum building, we took an evening to introduce the details behind the Data Drive and 2O2O VISION Design Frameworks to help Designers and Suppliers get started filling material data gaps and launching Pilot Projects.

    The largest barrier to building green in China is the near total lack of material information. Most missing (and most critical) is information relating to embodied energy, embodied water, chemical composition, BIM readiness and material performance. Our aim for the 2O2O VISION pilot year is to collectively build a critical mass of material data to make it possible (and easy) to specify materials that comply with China's green building requirements. Without data, even the best materials fail to contribute to green building certifications. Getting involved in the Data Drive is easy.

    For Design Companies:
    Simply ask Suppliers for information. Designers are top tier consumers; projects represent millions of RMB in sales opportunities for Suppliers. By prioritizing materials with adequate information, Suppliers will provide requested information. Those who don't respond, are probably not worth working with. Not sure what to ask for? We're here to help.

    As part of GIGA's commitment to 2O2O VISION, we've created material questionnaires for Designers to send to Suppliers. Simply download the pdf below and send it to Suppliers to fill out for each material you're interested in. When the results come back, send them to us and we'll digitize each material and add it to your Team's Digital Material Library. In addition to helping the entire design community, participating in the Data Drive helps individual firms streamline their own material libraries and create objective sourcing thresholds to improve project quality. If you need help organizing your company's material library, sending emails to suppliers or are interested in free on-site green design training the 2O2O VISION Team can help. Contact us to get help.

    For Manufacturers:
    Stay ahead of the curve, provide information before your competitors do. 2O2O Pilot Projects will prioritize materials with the most complete information. Project lead opportunities grow proportionally to the amount of information you provide. To get involved, download the pdf below, fill it in and send it back to us. You can also contact us for a one-to-one introduction and training to submit materials directly to GIGA.

    To meet Central Government mandates, a huge market shift needs to occur. Firms who previously didn't prioritize green design will need to. Firms who already design green will need to stay ahead of a growing list of qualified competitors. 2O2O Design Frameworks have been created to help Designers incrementally tackle green design priorities: energy efficient design, water efficient design, healthy environments, and design for disassembly. 2O2O Design Frameworks have been created by peer review and will be updated throughout the pilot year. Currently, only interior design frameworks are available though architectural projects can also be submitted to help define the necessary structure to eventually also support Core and Shell. Pilot Projects also challenge Designers and Suppliers to fill in as many material data gaps as possible. Getting started is easy, and projects can be kept private. To join the challenge submit the following:

    - Company Name
    - Contact Name
    - Contact Email
    - Project Name
    - Project Type
    - Project Location (City, Country)
    - Project Phase (SD, DD, CD, etc.)

    Submit projects here. The 2O2O VISION Team can provide free on-site training and support to help companies kick off Pilot Projects. Contact us to schedule a training.

    The night concluded with A00 Architecture's Scott Burroughs introducing how 2O2O VISION Design Frameworks are being incorporated in the EcoAccess House (International Eco House and Garden Cleantech Pavilion, Shanghai), a residential showcase project which will feature the most innovative green solutions currently available in China. Once built, the house will be used for demonstrations and will frequently be updated to feature new green solutions and technologies. Scott has used the 2O2O VISION Design Frameworks to prioritize his goals and organize the information he will be asking Suppliers to provide. As the first official Pilot Project, we will be updating its progress throughout the pilot year. To follow the progress online, click here.

    2O2O VISION is operated through sponsorship. All tools, research, and events are made public thanks to our generous sponsors. Many thanks to all Gold (Herman Miller, Kokuyo, MMoser), Silver (B+H, CTTCC, Geberit, Knauf) and Bronze (Forbo, Koshii, Milliken, Novalis, Philips, Rockfon, Tang Dun) sponsors. Thanks also to the Broad Group for generously hosting the event and providing fresh organic food.

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