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  • 2O2O VISION Green Building Challenge: Special Working Session

2O2O VISION Green Building Challenge: Special Working Session

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  • Date May 8th, 2013 17:02
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  • The 2O2O VISON Green Building Challenge kicked off in exciting fashion by pulling together opinionated industry experts from design, manufacturing, project management and construction companies to brainstorm targets and solutions needed to eclipse China's ambitious green design mandates. Hosted by Interface, the capacity audience discussed ways to fill data gaps for the four largest barriers preventing regenerative design: Energy, Chemistry, Water and Design Innovation. 2O2O VISION is designed to pool the expertise and efforts of  industry pioneers to incrementally fill these data gaps to deliver proven regenerative built results.

    As a first step, top-level challenges were collectively established:

    - Embodied Energy: measure the embodied energy of both materials and projects to establish baselines to improve upon.  
    - Chemistry: document the chemicals of all materials to establish IEQ modeling.  
    - Water: measure project water consumption and effluent quality.
    - Design Innovation: establish integrated design teams to improve project coordination and facilitate disassembly of building components.

    Commitments are already being made by leading Design, Development, and Manufacturing firms. Participating Designers are committed to documenting at least one project per year, following 2O2O VISION guidelines for Embodied Energy, Chemical Disclosure, Water Foot-printing, and Integrated Design. Developers are committed to reporting operational data (energy and water consumption, air and water quality) for a minimum of one project per year to establish sorely missing baselines. Manufacturers are committed to documenting the chemistry of at least one material family each year. 2O2O VISION hasn't even officially launched and 8 projects are already registered for the challenge.

    What's next?

    Over the next 4 weeks, smaller targeted Working Sessions will be held to establish formal design guidelines and a 2O2O VISION Challenge brief. The next session will be held on Wednesday May 15th and is open by invitation only. If you're interested to participate, please contact us.

    Interested in joining the Challenge? Download the Sign-up form below and send it to us.

    A special thanks to Kush for fueling the Working Session with delicious health conscious canapes.

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