Manufacturers are walking the Talk

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  • Date March 6th, 2013 15:24
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  • LEED project certifications are important not only to designers, but to manufacturers as well. More and more manufacturers are building their own offices and headquarters to LEED specifications. Haworth and Kokuyo are two good examples.

    Haworth Shanghai Organic Showroom

    Located in Eco City on Shanghai's West Nanjing Road, Haworth's Organic Workspace is certified LEED gold. Haworth picked building materials with their environmental performance in mind: low VOC content, recyclable, and from rapidly renewable sources. Events held at their showroom are attended by many designers who share Haworth's environmentally-progressive values.

    More project info, please click here.

    Kokuyo Shanghai Showroom

    Kokuyo is currently applying for LEED gold certification for their innovative new showroom in Shanghai. As important as any other building strategy was using only materials and resources that promote good indoor environmental quality: low-emitting paints, flooring and adhesives, for example. Kokuyos showroom is furnished with the best of their own products, which contribute to LEED credits. 

    More project info, please clikc here.

    We look forward to seeing more manufacturers build greener, healthier buildings.

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