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  • Zhuzong Vanke Plaza World's First Shopping Mall to Undertake RESET Certification for Air Quality

Zhuzong Vanke Plaza World's First Shopping Mall to Undertake RESET Certification for Air Quality

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  • Date November 15th, 2016 09:55
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  • Zhuzong Vanke Plaza World's First Shopping Mall to Undertake RESET Certification for Air Quality

    Over the past fifteen years retail has moved online, leaving shopping malls to rethink their future. The most forward thinking of these have reinvented themselves as lifestyle centres, aiming to offer experiences that online shopping can't match. From children discovery centres to wellness retreats and from social street-style cafes and restaurants to brand experience centres, shopping malls are increasingly offering a diversified set of activities that encourage their ‘guests’ to stay as long as possible.

    Beyond the mix of lifestyle and experience focused activities, an equally large determinant of a shopping mall’s success is based on the quality of it’s indoor environment. The malls we enjoy most and consistently return to are those with ample daylight, good acoustics and plenty of fresh air. We’ve all experienced malls that leave us exhausted and/or with headaches, without necessarily understanding the impact of aggressive acoustics, deficient lighting and stale air. As healthier malls appear on the market, users are beginning to understand the difference between malls that make them feel sick vs. those that make them feel healthy.

    Zhuzong Vanke Plaza is part of the new generation of malls that puts experience and the health of users first. It is Vanke’s third retail project in Beijing and located in the central business district of Jiu Gong (Yizhuang Metro). Focused on introducing guests to a better lifestyle, Zhuzong Vanke Plaza not only prioritizes the provision of a healthy indoor environment but also trust and transparency, by benchmarking and communicating it’s health performance via the RESET Standard for healthy buildings.

    As such, Zhuzong Vanke Plaza is the world’s first shopping mall to pursue the RESET certification.

    RESET is the world’s only performance-based building standard that is measured in real-time, ensuring the on-going health of occupants. Transparency and communication of health performance to users is a must within the RESET Standard. Whereas most projects leverage the RESET apps for communication, the Zhuzong Vanke Plaza has taken transparency to the next level by integrating air quality data into it’s way-finding displays around the mall, building further awareness and trust with users. The level of detail is even taken down to larger anchor tenants such as GAP, which features some of the best air quality in the mall. Zhuzong Vanke Plaza’s approach not only helps redefine our experience with shopping malls, but also it’s most responsible tenants.

    As the world’s first shopping mall to pursue RESET certification, Zhuzong Vanke Plaza is serving as a pilot project and center of learning. Vanke (a Fortune 500 company) and GIGA (entity developing and administering the RESET Standard) have signed an MOU to advance knowledge on indoor environment quality and accurate reporting within retail environments. All monitors used within the project comply with the RESET Standard for building grade monitor and sensors.

    “Vanke has long been a leader in Chinese real-estate,” says Raefer Wallis, Founder of RESET, “That leadership extends internationally given that the learnings from creating healthy retail spaces have global implications. We’re very excited to be working with Vanke on this topic."

    About Vanke: Vanke is one of China's largest and most forward thinking real-estate companies. Vanke is also a global Fortune 500 company with real-estate in Hong Kong, Singapore, San Francisco, New York City and London.

    About GIGA: GIGA combines the development of building standards with cloud technology to increase the accessibility and impact of healthy buildings globally. GIGA develops and administers RESET™, the world's only building standard to assess the health performance of buildings in real-time.

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