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  • B+H Architects first to go live globally as per RESET™ Standard

B+H Architects first to go live globally as per RESET™ Standard

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  • By Pan Chaoyang
  • Date September 30th, 2016 08:46
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  • B+H Architects goes live on global health monitoring of offices as per RESET™ Standard

    Over the past several months, B+H Architects (B+H) has deployed RESET™ accredited indoor environment quality monitors across its global offices, including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Seattle, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore and Dubai. All monitors, including their specifications, calibration, locations and data reporting methods, are compliant with the RESET™ Standard (Commercial Interiors) for responsive, healthy buildings. B+H is the world's first firm to track indoor environment quality across all global office locations.

    “B+H is setting an industry precedent and we're very pleased to be a strategic partner in this initiative,” said Ryan Dick of GIGA / RESET. “As a leader in sustainable design, B+H is highly committed to the health and performance of not only the projects they design for their clients, but also the spaces in which they themselves work and learn.”

    "Our goal is to better understand the challenges of building healthy projects in countries and regions that we work in, so that we continue to innovate and offer this expertise globally. This effort begins at home, in our own offices, with the health of our own teams," says Lisa Bate, Regional Managing Principal of North America, B+H Architects and current board member of the World Green Building Council (WGBC).

    The building industry is finally entering an age in which project data is measurable and and can be communicated to occupants in ways that are personally relevant. Building data is merging with social media. RESET™ provides a standard to gather feedback from buildings in real-time and communicate how they benefit our personal health, and ultimately that of our environment.

    "True performance based standards for healthy buildings will change the way the industry designs and builds and RESET™ is leading the industry in this field,” said Bate. “In terms of energy, B+H has been on the forefront of performance based design for decades, having helped evaluate LEED energy credits in Canada, led post occupancy evaluations of our projects and proposed changes to provincial and national energy standards. We're excited to be contributing to the understanding of healthy building performance globally."

    B+H will be tracking data, compiling and sharing key findings via RESET™ and the WGBC's Better Place for People initiative.


    RESET™ is developed and administered by GIGA, an independent third party which combines the development of building standards with cloud technology. GIGA's tools and programs provide free access to transparent, open data: supporting performance-driven, regenerative buildings and increasing the accessibility and impact of healthy buildings globally.

    B+H Architects is a gobal architecture and interiors firm head-quartered in Toronto, Canada. B+H believes the power of design should be used to elevate people’s lives and serve to deliver environments that outperform our client and user expectations, now and in the future.
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