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  • Tishman Speyer first RESET Air Certification for Core & Shell

Tishman Speyer first RESET Air Certification for Core & Shell

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  • By Pan Chaoyang
  • Date September 28th, 2016 23:47
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  • Tishman Speyer first to undergo RESET Air Certification for Core & Shell

    The Springs - Tishman Speyer's iconic Grade-A office campus in north Shanghai - is now home to the world’s first building to be certified under the RESET™ Air Standard for Core & Shell.

    Launched in 2013, RESET™ is a building standard and certification program that focuses on the health of people and their environment. It is the world’s first standard to be sensor-based, tracking performance and generating healthy building analytics in real-time. Certification is awarded when measured IAQ results meet or exceed international standards for health. Since the launch of RESET™ Tishman Speyer has been instrumental in piloting both the Standard for Commercial Interiors and the newly minted Standard for Core & Shell.

    “As an international developer of premium offices and a company rooted in sustainability, Tishman Speyer filters all its property’s incoming fresh air and monitors for pollutants,"
    says Bob Pratt, Managing Director and Global Co-Head of Design & Construction, "RESET™ provides a third-party standard for monitor performance and communication at no additional cost to projects. We’re now applying the standard to more of our buildings.”

    Public awareness about the impact of buildings on people’s health has grown exponentially over the past several years. One key indicator of this is how UBAN™, China’s largest platform for tenants seeking office space, features health as a core search criteria and incorporates the RESET™ Standard to compare the actual performance of buildings. Healthy building data from The Springs will be streamed to UBAN, connecting prospective tenants to healthier buildings.

    "Current market practise is for building owners and providers of filtration systems to install monitors where ever they want, reporting what ever makes them look good," says Louie Cheng, Founder of indoor environment consultancy PureLiving, and China Chapter Director of IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association). "Consequently, we rarely see buildings deliver what they advertise. RESET tells building owners what type of monitors they should use, where and how to install them as well as how to report the results. It brings much needed transparency and standardization to the market - it's inspiring to see Tishman Speyer lead the way."


    RESET™ is developed and administered by GIGA, an independent third party which combines the development of building standards with cloud technology. GIGA's tools and programs provide free access to transparent, open data: supporting performance-driven, regenerative buildings and increasing the accessibility and impact of healthy buildings globally.

    Tishman Speyer is one of the world's largest privately held property owners. It has grown steadily over the past four decades on a bedrock of transparency, simplicity and innovation focused on creating extraordinary value for stakeholders.
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