How RESET, WELL & LEED Dovetail

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  • By Pan Chaoyang
  • Date September 8th, 2016 08:30
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  • Consistently striving for higher human and environmental health standards, Haworth showcases in pictures how RESET, WELL and LEED dovetail in their Shanghai Showroom.

    RESET is a sensor-driven, performance based building standard and certification program. Two modules were used for the Haworth Showroom:

    RESET Air tracks, analyses and communicates the healthiness of air in real-time across PM2.5, CO2, TVOC, Temperature and Humidity. When used in combination with WELL, it helps achieve Features 1,2,16,18 & 19.

    RESET Materials uses cloud-based building material data and calculators to estimate and mitigate the risk of chemical off-gassing. When used in combination with WELL it helps achieve Feature 4.

    Within LEEDv4, RESET helps achieve 2-10 points.

    RESET: 24HR air quality monitoring, analytics and reporting: PM2.5, VOC’s, CO2, temperature, humidity.

    WELL: Herbicide and pesticide ban. Allergen reduction via trash cans. MERV 18 Filters.

    LEEDv4: Energy efficient HVAC system. Optimal ventilation rates.

    RESET: 35% of materials (as of costs) are low VOC certified.
    WELL: Variety of settings for comfortable seating. Natural elements of fire, wood and stone. Locally sourced materials.
    LEED: Certifed, low VOC materials

    RESET: Calculation of TVOC off gassing from furniture to meet VOC standards of ≤0.5 mg/ m³
    WELL: Integrated technology: Workware, Wii & Xbox, Video conferencing, available for community use.
    LEED: Low lighting power density. Optimized lighting control. Advanced energy metering.

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