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  • GIGA Material Chellenge 2016 Shenzhen Session, GDEDA wins the Competition!

GIGA Material Chellenge 2016 Shenzhen Session, GDEDA wins the Competition!

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  • Date April 21st, 2016 14:53
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  • "GIGA Material Chellenge 2016 Shenzhen Session", GDEDA wins the Competition!

    Above: Participants phots of "GIGA Material Chellenge 2016 Shenzhen Session"

    On the 16th of April, GIGA’s first Material Challenge in Shenzhen was successfully held at Jucheng Art Space in OCT-LOFT. 18 teams from top frims in Shenzhen, filled the Jucheng Art Space for a day of fun and friendly competition. Participant companies include SADI, Grandland Decoration, YUY&Associates, CCD, GDEDA, TERREdesign, Kenneth Ko Designs LTD, etc. After tight competition, GDEDA team earned first place and walked away with new apple watch. Grand land Decoration finished second and third place, won apple Parrot MiniDrone and Broad Air purifier for vehicle separately. 

    Above: Winers. 

    The GIGA Material Challenge centers around the premise that architects and designers learn more about building materials and finishes when they experience them first-hand.  By pairing the design community with participating suppliers, the GIGA Material Challenge offers a day of intensive learning and detailed demonstrations covering the technical aspects of different products and building materials. There isn't a more interactive, materials-focused competition that is this much fun anywhere!

    GIGA Material Challenge becomes a joyful events for architects and designers, where they can experience the most cutting-edge materials and innovative products, as well as inspire their creative through competition between designer teams.   

    Our participating manufactures included, Voxflor, HunterDouglas, Universal Fibers and Wilsonart. 

    华腾地毯 Voxflor

    Local tile carpet with HPD, Declare, CRI Green Label Plus Certification. 

    任务简介 Task Brief:  四季 SEASON

    Designers are required to make a art piece with theme of “SEASON”, name of Voxflor’s new carpet Collection, using butterfly ,leaves, flowers or barks as one of the element. 

    亨特建筑产品 / HunterDouglas

    Not only are the world’s architects and designer our partners, they’re our inspiration. 

    任务简介 Task Brief:  理想遮阳 Ideal Shading

    Designers are required to design a building facade with shading system, as well as a model with colored pottery.

    环球化纤 Universal Fibers

    Experts of GreenCircle certificated solution-dyed fiber.

    任务简介 Task Brief:  五彩空间 Colorful Space

    “Colorful” is the definition of Universal Color®, “Space” requires designers blended this concept into their works.

    威盛亚 Wilsonart

    FSC certified engineering decorative surface. 

    任务简介 Task Brief:  叠叠乐 Happy Jenga

    Wilsonart cut the same size from SPC Decorative Board as unit block. Designers is required to use these blocs to build your building, sculptures, etc.

    Join us on NEXT GIGA Material Challenge!

    Next:  Beijing (July 16th)

    Organizer / 主办方:

    Strategic Partners / 战略合作伙伴: 

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