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  • UBAN and GIGA collaborate to raise the air quality of offices in China

UBAN and GIGA collaborate to raise the air quality of offices in China

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  • Date March 15th, 2016 11:39
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  • China’s largest search engine for office space and China’s largest source of data on commercial indoor air quality - UBAN and GIGA - are collaborating to help tenants find and create healthy offices in China - starting with clean air.

    UBAN is adopting GIGA’s RESET Certification standard in order to help compare the health performance of buildings across China. “Many property owners are starting to report the air quality of their buildings in real-time,” says Gavin Lu, CEO of UBAN. “However, it’s impossible to compare one building to the other because everyone is doing it differently.  There is also a lack of transparency, with tenants not being told what exactly is being monitored. Choosing RESET as a way to solve these problems was a quick decision.”

    RESET is the first international standard to focus on human health and the world’s only standard for real-time monitoring of commercial buildings.

    UBAN has rapidly grown into China’s largest search engine for office space. As an O2O platform, the bulk of clients are rapidly growing tech related companies. “UBAN’s vision is bold and exciting,” says Raefer Wallis, Founder of RESET. “It’s part of a new generation of companies seeking to use their businesses to positively impact people. Clean air and healthy building materials are just the start of their commitment to helping create healthy buildings.”

    A report recently published by JLL and PureLiving showed that ninety percent of office buildings in Beijing were not achieving a substantive reduction in PM2.5 with their current systems.

    Over the next few months, UBAN will be collecting static data on the buildings it serves and helping property owners understand how to monitor and communicate the performance of their buildings according to the RESET standard. Most importantly, real-time results from public RESET projects will soon be streamed to UBAN’s platform, helping tenants find the healthiest offices in China. “The ROI of this is very tangible,” says Gavin Lu, “Tenants don’t need to spend as much on clean-air when they choose the right buildings, resulting in lower energy costs and higher staff productivity.”

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