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New Book: Chemical Alternatives Assessment

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  • Date May 30th, 2013 06:35
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  • We are proud to announce the publication of a pioneering new book on chemical alternatives assessment co-authored by GIGA. The book is Volume No. 36 in the Issues in Environmental Science and Technology series, which is published by The Royal Society of Chemistry. The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) is a learned society (professional association) in the United Kingdom with the goal of "advancing the chemical sciences." At its inception the Society had a combined membership of 34,000 in the UK and a further 8,000 abroad. The organization carries out research, publishes journals, books and databases, as well as hosting conferences, seminars and workshops. This series was devised to tackle important environmental topics in response to the rapid growth of interest in this area and the need for authoritative reviews of such topics. Issues are published twice a year with each volume addressing a specific theme or topic. This volume of the Issues in Environmental Science and Technology series investigates how the alternative chemicals can be assessed and their risk determined. Chemicals are an essential part of everyday life and all too-often taken for granted, yet often portrayed negatively in the media. Concern over the deleterious effects of chemicals to the environment and human health have promoted governments in the developed world to establish screening programs such as REACH and HPV Challenge to identify chemicals presenting the greatest degree of risk to health and the environment. While such programs identify chemicals with the greatest risk, there is no ranking system for alternative chemicals, which while being potentially less harmful, still carry a degree of risk. This book will help you find more about chemical risk assessments if you are interested. Chapter 4 - China’s Implementation of Alternatives Assessment in the Building Industry - is authored by GIGA. This chapter begins with China's long relationship with personal health and explains the impact of newly found wealth and access to information. It continues by exploring how the combination of social media and China's tenuous relationship with trust can move the demand for chemicals assessment into the hands of everyday consumers. Finally, it ends by giving an example of how these lessons are being applied locally.
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