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  • 2016 Schedule of GIGA Material Challenge is Released!

2016 Schedule of GIGA Material Challenge is Released!

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  • Date November 27th, 2015 17:24
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  • GIGA's Material Challenge has won the unanimous support of Material Providers and Designers who have participated since the inaugural event in 2013. Now GIGA is happy to release the 2016 Schedule of GIGA Material Challenge: 

    * Dates may differ slightly depending on the availability of venues.

    Introduction: GIGA & GIGA Material Challenge

    GIGA is a building and material think tank with locations in Shanghai, Beijing, Montreal, Quebec and Chicago. One of GIGA's aims is to research cutting-edge materials and highlight innovative products. We introduced GIGA Material Challenge as a way for designers and architects to experiment with materials in the truest sense; with "hands on" activities. Custom designed by suppliers, Material Challenges are fun, showing the unique properties and features of materials and build designers’ expertise. 

    For more information about GIGA Material Challenge, Please contact us: 

    021-5212 3163


    Photos of past events:

    - October 25th, 2015, Shanghai: http://www.gigabase.org/en/mc#events/10/gallery

    - August 22nd, 2015, Beijing: https://www.gigabase.org/en/mc#events/9/gallery

    - April 18th, 2015, Shanghai: http://www.gigabase.org/en/mc#events/8/gallery

    - October 25th, 2014, Shanghai: http://www.gigabase.org/mc#events/6/gallery

    - September 20, 2014, Beijing: http://www.gigabase.org/mc#events/5/gallery

    - July 12th, 2014, Beijing: http://www.gigabase.org/mc#events/3/gallery

    - June 21th, Shanghai: http://www.gigabase.org/mc#events/1/gallery

    - March 1st, 2014, Beijing: http://www.gigabase.org/mc#events/4/galler

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