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  • GIGA releases RESET™ Standards for Indoor Air Quality Monitors v1.0.

GIGA releases RESET™ Standards for Indoor Air Quality Monitors v1.0.

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  • Date November 16th, 2015 17:24
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  • Following the explosion in awareness to outdoor and indoor air pollution, there has been an almost equal explosion in air quality monitors appearing on the market. Although each of these monitors display readings with confidence, there is a disturbingly large range in quality, as often reflected by an equally large range in price. For example, PM2.5 monitors can be purchased for anything between 50 and 50,000 RMB. 

    At a 1000x price difference, it's clear that not all monitors are created equally. On the lower end, the monitor readings are very often misleading and potentially even dangerous. On the higher end, the readings can be overly accurate for a particular use case. Unfortunately, buyers are not able to tell the difference. The RESET™ Monitor Standards help users determine which monitor is right for them.

    The RESET™ Monitor standards for IAQ are performance based and separate monitors into three classes:

    Class A Monitors: Scientific grade. Use: Clean rooms, Labs, Large buildings.

    Class B Monitors: Building grade. Use: Commercial Interiors, Schools, Residential, etc.

    Class C Monitors: Consumer grade. Use: Residential. Travel.

    The monitor standards were developed by GIGA primarily for use in RESET™ Certification for projects as well as other building certification systems. Project standards define how monitors should be installed and maintained so as not to mislead building occupants. Only Class A and Class B monitors can used for building certification.

    Currently, the Standard covers performance testing of particulate count (PM2.5), TVOC, CO2, Temperature and Relative Humidity. The tests focus primarily on accuracy, range and performance over time.

    For more information on the air quality, health and the performance of various indoor monitors please follow our social media channels.

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    Contact us for more information about the Standard.

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