First Generation of RESET™ APs

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  • Date October 13th, 2015 17:43
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  • First Generation of RESET™ APs 

    After having run pilot training sessions in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, we are proud to welcome the first generation of RESET™ Accredited Professionals: 26 individuals committed to delivering performance based buildings designed to keep us healthy. Several have already undertaken their first RESET™ projects.

    Over the course of the next few years our relationship with buildings will fundamentally change. Building data and social data will merge. Interior spaces - those in which we spend over 90% of our time - will tell us how they are affecting us personally. Via RESET™, companies are already able to track the pulse of buildings and understand how they are supporting tenant health.

    Most importantly, RESET™ empowers companies to attain these standards via the Accredited Professionals program. Look to the professionals herein in order to help reach what is fast becoming a fundamental building standard: indoor spaces built for human health.

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