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  • C2C Competition: $250,000 in prize money

C2C Competition: $250,000 in prize money

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  • Date March 6th, 2013 03:26
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  • In 2010, GIGA teamed up with the C2C Products Innovation Institute in order to help advance research in the green building industry. We are now extending a competition opportunity to China: 250,000 USD (1,560,000 RMB) in prize money for building materials that can be pioneered in projects of the Make It Right Foundation .

    Founded by Brad Pitt in 2007, the Make It Right Foundation has as its mission "to build safe and healthy Cradle to Cradle (C2C) inspired homes, buildings and communities for people in need." (More below.)

    C2C PII

    The challenge? For manufacturers to design a product for the affordable housing market that is safe for human and environmental health and designed for re-use.

    Here’s the problem: many commonly used building materials contain chemicals that have been linked to cancer, respiratory problems, hormone interference, reproductive and developmental harm. Our industry uses nearly 80,000 chemicals, many of which are unstudied and largely unregulated. 

    Consumer awareness is increasing and demand for healthier products is growing but often these options are not available for affordable housing. As a result, already economically disadvantaged populations find themselves at a health disadvantage. 

    Up to twenty finalists will receive two months of media exposure and promotion for their products through Dwell and other media partners, leading up to the announcement of three winners who will share a cash prize of $250,000. Special announcements will also be made at Greenbuild 2013.

    - The application process is rigorous and submissions are due June 30th. Start now!
    - All contest details and official rules can be found at www.c2ccertified.org/challenge

    - English inquiries can be sent directly to: challenge@c2ccertified.org

    Chinese inquiries can be sent to contact@gigabase.org

    If you are an innovative manufacturer and wish to gain exposure in China, the US and Europe, this competition is for you.

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