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  • GIGA Material Challenge 2015 Shanghai Session (April 18th): Perkins+Will wins the Competition!

GIGA Material Challenge 2015 Shanghai Session (April 18th): Perkins+Will wins the Competition!

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  • Date April 20th, 2015 11:18
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  • Saturday April 18th is a great day for another GIGA Material Challenge hosted by the Yang Design Museum in Shanghai.  

    The GIGA Material Challenge centers around the premise that architects and designers learn more about building materials and finishes when they experience them first-hand.  By pairing the design community with participating suppliers, the GIGA Material Challenge offers a day of intensive learning and detailed demonstrations covering the technical aspects of different products and building materials. There isn't a more interactive, materials-focused competition that is this much fun anywhere!

    GIGA Material Challenge becomes a joyful events for architects and designers, where they can experience the most cutting-edge materials and innovative products, as well as inspire their creative through competition between designer teams.   

    Architects and Designers from top firms in Shanghai, filled the Yang Museum for a day of fun and friendly competition. Previous champion Gensler and HPP, as well as Perkins+Will, BAU, JLL, ARUP, neri&hu, Landsea, CSCEC 8th are all potential winners today. 

    Competition was incredibly tight, with the winner being decided only with the final Challenge. In the end, Perkins+Will team earned first place and walked away with new iWatch. HPP finished second and Gensler finished in third. Both teams won MRKT designer bags. 

    Third place: Gensler Team

    Second Place: HPP team

    Winner: Perkins+Will Team

    Providing tasty and healthy snacks throughout the competition, was Pure & Whole Vegetarian Restaurants who fuelled our hungry teams as they made their way from each of the four activities.

    Our participating manufacturers included, Milliken, Wilsonart, Pioneer Energy, Voxflor and Novalis. The activity that each prepared for this Material Challenge were as informative as they were fun! 

    Milliken Commercial Carpet

    Designers should create the carpet proposal either through good patterns repeat or smooth transition based within 9 pieces of blank carpet. 


    Wilsonart cut the same size from SPC Decorative Board as unit block. Designers could get un-limited amount of blocks to build your building, art installation, sculpture, etc. 

    Pioneer Energy

    Pioneer Energy brings its new technology PCM material, asking designers team to experience it, package and encapsulate it and then test it. 


    Designers are asked to use Greenpad carpet tiles with random color, different sizes to make their own masterpieces, with theme: Green is the dream. Glue is NOT allowed to use.


    Who will be the ’Super Brains’? With Novalis new FRESH collection, every designer team must use the assigned number of colors, and the assigned number of shapes in each color, to fill in each Outline. At the meanwhile, color and shape aesthetics should also be considered. 

    ALL Event photos, please click here: http://www.gigabase.org/en/mc#events/8/gallery

    There are two more GIGA Material Challenges in 2015, stay tuned on it!

    Beijing Session: August 22th

    Shanghai Session: October 25th

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