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IWBI To Lead Consortium Developing Global Set of Standards for Indoor and Outdoor Environmental Quality Monitoring Systems and Sensors

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  • Date March 8th, 2017 10:24
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IWBI To Lead Consortium Developing Global Set of Standards for Indoor and Outdoor Environmental Quality Monitoring Systems and Sensors

Industry Leaders RESET, BRE and GBCA will collaborate with IWBI on Guideline Development

March 07, 2017 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

NEW YORK - The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), along with RESET, the Building research Establishment (BRE) and the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) today announced a joint agreement to work together to...

WELL and RESET to Align Building Standards


(NEW YORK & SHANGHAI – March 3rd, 2017) -- The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) and GIGA, an independent third-party company specializing in the development of building standards and cloud-based assessment tools, announced today that the two organizations will form a strategic partnership to align applicable areas of IWBI’s WELL Building Standard (WELL) and GIGA’s RESET Standard. This partnership will also include the integration of RESET’s data collection and assessment...

SCS Partners with GIGA to Promote Green Building Product Transparency


All certification information in SCS Green Product Guide will be showcased on origin.build, an International Material Data Hub.

San Francisco, Calif. Feb 15, 2017

SCS Global Servicesis constantly seeking innovative ways to add value to their client offering and create ROI for sustainable product certifications. Key certifications such as Indoor Advantage Gold, FloorScore, Recycled Content, Health Product Declarations (HPD), and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are not easily searchable...

mindful MATERIALS: Curated Transparency.


mindful MATERIALS: Curated Transparency.

As occupant health and wellness continue to propel the green building industry forward, material transparency stands front and center as the obvious elephant in the room. Delivering healthy built results depends largely on the composition of the products and materials that are specified and installed. Without comprehensive information, designers are forced to play roulette with the data gaps they are provided. These data gaps do not exist out of...

2017 Schedule of GIGA Material Challenge


2017 Schedule of GIGA Material Challenge

GIGA Material Challenge launched in 2013 and has been held across China. The event provides hands-on opportunities for designers and specifiers to experience materials and remains exceedingly popular among design professionals and material suppliers. Winning teams are awarded incredible prizes.The 2017 GIGA Material Challenge series will focus on the hot topic of “Healthy Indoor Environment”.A Knowledge Session will provide actionable content for...

RESET™ launches in the UK


RESET launches in the UK

GIGA and Verdextra partner to launch RESET in the UK

RESET is an affordable, scalable, technology driven building standard and certification program focused on real-time data for human health and wellbeing. It is used to assess and communicate the health performance of building interiors, both new and existing.

With people representing 90% of operational costs for most of today’s companies, creating healthy, safe and productive interiors for occupants has become a...

mindful MATERIALS to move to the Origin cloud.


mindful MATERIALS to move to the Origin cloud.

Origin will provide the cloud infrastructure to power a freely accessible Library to feature all mindful MATERIALS manufacturer products.

December 1, 2016 – Chicago, USA

mindful MATERIALS is a free, industry initiative that empowers Manufacturers to share key green building andtransparency product achievements with the A+D community. Initially founded by HKS the program is advised by industry leading firms and professionals. Over 140 A+D and...

Zhuzong Vanke Plaza World's First Shopping Mall to Undertake RESET Certification for Air Quality


Zhuzong Vanke Plaza World's First Shopping Mall to Undertake RESET Certification for Air Quality

Over the past fifteen years retail has moved online, leaving shopping malls to rethink their future. The most forward thinking of these have reinvented themselves as lifestyle centres, aiming to offer experiences that online shopping can't match. From children discovery centres to wellness retreats and from social street-style cafes and restaurants to brand experience centres, shopping malls are...

GIGA + Google + HBN team up on building material data


GIGA + Google + HBN team up on building material data.

After years of anticipation, Google and HBN are finally releasing Portico, a powerful new tool for the healthy building industry. As part of the release, Portico is integrating with Origin, an innovative data hub of building product information developed by Shanghai-based GIGA.

There are few companies that have influenced office design as much as Google. Their approach to creating workplaces that foster innovation has been replicated the...

Co-Working is Co-Sharing Bad Air


Co-Working is Co-Sharing Bad Air

In July of 2016 GIGA set out to find and celebrate the healthiest co-working space in Beijing and Shanghai. Air monitors were installed for a week of continuous testing throughout dozens of locations. Done with the support of PureLiving, we hoped to answer a question we’ve been asked again and again, “which co-working space has the healthiest indoor environment?” Unfortunately the results left us without much to celebrate, making this a difficult (and very...

Impaired Decision Making in Conference Rooms


Impaired Decision Making in Conference Rooms

During the first half of 2016, Gensler embarked on a study to measure the impact of plants on indoor air quality. Led by Kyle Mertensmeyer, the study included the participation of PureLiving, Green Fortune, Qlear and GIGA. The study was part of a three year Gensler research project on indoor and outdoor air quality.

Although many of the findings are ground-breaking, producing enough graphs and statistics to fill a 100 page report that reads like a...

GIGA Material Challenge Shanghai 2016: Defending Champions HPP Win Again!


GIGA Material Challenge Shanghai 2016: Defending Champions HPP WinAgain!

Above:Participants from GIGA Material Challenge Shanghai 2016

On October22nd, GIGA successfully held the Shanghai Material Challenge 2016 Session at EPeng Hui (EPH) - a Green Innovation Industrial Park, formerly a piano factory witha history of 100+ years.

19 teamsfrom some of the top design, material and construction firms in Shanghai joinedus at the EPH for a day of fun, innovative and friendly design challenges. The...

B+H Architects first to go live globally as per RESET™ Standard


B+H Architects goes live on global health monitoring of offices as per RESET Standard

Over the past several months, B+H Architects (B+H) has deployed RESET accredited indoor environment quality monitors across its global offices, including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Seattle, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore and Dubai. All monitors, including their specifications, calibration, locations and data reporting methods, are compliant with the RESET Standard (Commercial Interiors) for...