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mindful MATERIALS to move to the Origin cloud.


mindful MATERIALS to move to the Origin cloud.

Origin will provide the cloud infrastructure to power a freely accessible Library to feature all mindful MATERIALS manufacturer products.

December 1, 2016 – Chicago, USA

mindful MATERIALS is a free, industry initiative that empowers Manufacturers to share key green building andtransparency product achievements with the A+D community. Initially founded by HKS the program is advised by industry leading firms and professionals. Over 140 A+D and...

Zhuzong Vanke Plaza World's First Shopping Mall to Undertake RESET Certification for Air Quality


Zhuzong Vanke Plaza World's First Shopping Mall to Undertake RESET Certification for Air Quality

Over the past fifteen years retail has moved online, leaving shopping malls to rethink their future. The most forward thinking of these have reinvented themselves as lifestyle centres, aiming to offer experiences that online shopping can't match. From children discovery centres to wellness retreats and from social street-style cafes and restaurants to brand experience centres, shopping malls are...

GIGA + Google + HBN team up on building material data


GIGA + Google + HBN team up on building material data.

After years of anticipation, Google and HBN are finally releasing Portico, a powerful new tool for the healthy building industry. As part of the release, Portico is integrating with Origin, an innovative data hub of building product information developed by Shanghai-based GIGA.

There are few companies that have influenced office design as much as Google. Their approach to creating workplaces that foster innovation has been replicated the...

Co-Working is Co-Sharing Bad Air


Co-Working is Co-Sharing Bad Air

In July of 2016 GIGA set out to find and celebrate the healthiest co-working space in Beijing and Shanghai. Air monitors were installed for a week of continuous testing throughout dozens of locations. Done with the support of PureLiving, we hoped to answer a question we’ve been asked again and again, “which co-working space has the healthiest indoor environment?” Unfortunately the results left us without much to celebrate, making this a difficult (and very...

Impaired Decision Making in Conference Rooms


Impaired Decision Making in Conference Rooms

During the first half of 2016, Gensler embarked on a study to measure the impact of plants on indoor air quality. Led by Kyle Mertensmeyer, the study included the participation of PureLiving, Green Fortune, Qlear and GIGA. The study was part of a three year Gensler research project on indoor and outdoor air quality.

Although many of the findings are ground-breaking, producing enough graphs and statistics to fill a 100 page report that reads like a...

GIGA Material Challenge Shanghai 2016: Defending Champions HPP Win Again!


GIGA Material Challenge Shanghai 2016: Defending Champions HPP WinAgain!

Above:Participants from GIGA Material Challenge Shanghai 2016

On October22nd, GIGA successfully held the Shanghai Material Challenge 2016 Session at EPeng Hui (EPH) - a Green Innovation Industrial Park, formerly a piano factory witha history of 100+ years.

19 teamsfrom some of the top design, material and construction firms in Shanghai joinedus at the EPH for a day of fun, innovative and friendly design challenges. The...

B+H Architects first to go live globally as per RESET™ Standard


B+H Architects goes live on global health monitoring of offices as per RESET Standard

Over the past several months, B+H Architects (B+H) has deployed RESET accredited indoor environment quality monitors across its global offices, including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Seattle, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore and Dubai. All monitors, including their specifications, calibration, locations and data reporting methods, are compliant with the RESET Standard (Commercial Interiors) for...

Tishman Speyer first RESET Air Certification for Core & Shell


Tishman Speyer first to undergo RESET Air Certification for Core & Shell

The Springs - Tishman Speyer's iconic Grade-A office campus in north Shanghai - is now home to the world’s first building to be certified under the RESET Air Standard for Core & Shell.

Launched in 2013, RESET is a building standard and certification program that focuses on the health of people and their environment. It is the world’s first standard to be sensor-based, tracking performance and generating healthy...

GIGA and B+H Architects deepen healthy building partnership.


GIGA and B+H Architects deepen healthy building partnership.

With a major shift moving towards office health and sustainable practices, GIGA, an international organization that assesses the health performance of buildings in real time, is pleased to announce an extended partnership with B+H Architects (B+H). The partnership will support the firm’s continued focus on creating healthy spaces across its global studios in the Americas, Asia and the Middle East.

As a part of the extended...

How RESET, WELL & LEED Dovetail


Consistently striving for higher human and environmental health standards, Haworth showcases in pictures how RESET, WELL and LEED dovetail in their Shanghai Showroom.

RESET is a sensor-driven, performance based building standard and certification program. Two modules were used for the Haworth Showroom:

RESET Air tracks, analyses and communicates the healthiness of air in real-time across PM2.5, CO2, TVOC, Temperature and Humidity. When used in combination with WELL, it helps achieve Features...

Dark Horse, Wozhai, grabs First place at 2016 GIGA's Material Challenge - Beijing!


Dark Horse, Wozhai, grabs First place at 2016 GIGA's Material Challenge - Beijing!

Above: Participants phots of "GIGA Material Chellenge 2016 Beijing Session"

On July 16th, GIGA Material Challenge - Beijing was successfully held at the Yang Gallery in Beijing's 798 Art District.

After 4 hours of intense competition, designers from ‘Wozhai’ won first prize and walked away with a bunch of Apple Watches. Wozhai is a young design company, but their designers should not be underestimated. Designers...

Real-Time IAQ Monitoring: Key Lessons Learned


We had the opportunity to share our work with a select group of corporate tenants, developers, hospitality and healthcare companies in Seattle. Graciously hosted by B+H Architects’ Seattle office, Glumac Engineers and OpenSquare the event gave us an opportunity to share what we’ve learned from tracking IAQ in projects around the world. The ensuing discussion provided insights into the needs, value, and barriers to IAQ measurement and reporting for stakeholders throughout the building supply...


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GIGA Material Chellenge 2016 Shenzhen Session, GDEDA wins the Competition!


"GIGA Material Chellenge 2016 Shenzhen Session", GDEDA wins the Competition!

Above: Participants phots of "GIGA Material Chellenge 2016 Shenzhen Session"

On the 16th of April, GIGA’s first Material Challenge in Shenzhen was successfully held at Jucheng Art Space in OCT-LOFT. 18 teams from top frims in Shenzhen, filled the Jucheng Art Space for a day of fun and friendly competition. Participant companies include SADI, Grandland Decoration, YUY&Associates, CCD, GDEDA, TERREdesign, Kenneth Ko...

UBAN and GIGA collaborate to raise the air quality of offices in China

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China’s largest search engine for office space and China’s largest source of data on commercial indoor air quality - UBAN and GIGA - are collaborating to help tenants find and create healthy offices in China - starting with clean air.

UBAN is adopting GIGA’s RESET Certification standard in order to help compare the health performance of buildings across China. “Many property owners are starting to report the air quality of their buildings in real-time,” says Gavin Lu, CEO of UBAN. “However, it...

Offering longer life to employees


Our health analytics for 2015 are out and the results are nothing short of staggering. They will forever change where you choose to work.

The largest health gains are with the likes of Lendlease, Tishman Speyer, Haworth, Glumac and Perkins + Will - having been some of the first to implement healthy building standards and track results. In 2015, staff working within these offices have gained an average of 6.3, 5.3, 4.9, 4.2 and 3.5 days of life respectively.

These numbers are even more...

If Buildings Could Talk To Us


Humans are hard-wired for feedback from our environment. It is what has defined our evolution ever since life appeared on earth. We literally live and die on environmental response.

Yet today we spend over 90% of our time in environments that are completely unresponsive: buildings. Within these dead environments we make up for the lack of feedback by focusing on other sources. Cell-phones for example, are addictive largely because they are so feedback rich.

10 years ago we began adding IAQ...

Which IAQ Monitor should I buy? (Part 2)


This is the second part of a simplified post on indoor air quality (IAQ) monitors.

Rather than go through the long list of now defunct monitors we’ve tested, I’ll simply focus on the best we’ve found within each class. For now, we’ll also only focus on PM2.5, which is less than ideal (more on that below) but will simplify the subject.

Grade C: Normally, we advise people to avoid this class of monitors. However, there is one Grade C unit that stands above the rest: The Laser Egg.
The Laser Egg is...

Which IAQ Monitor Should I Buy? Part 1


Lately, it seems there isn’t a day that goes by without having someone ask which IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) monitor they should buy.

As with all good questions, the answer is “it depends”. It depends on what that someone needs: a consumer toy, a precision instrument or something in between?

10 years ago it was simple: there was virtually only one option to choose from. Today, a new option appears every week. Here is a simplified version of what to look out for:

"The general rule of thumb is that...

2016 Schedule of GIGA Material Challenge is Released!

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GIGA's Material Challenge has won the unanimous support of Material Providers and Designers who have participated since the inaugural event in 2013. Now GIGA is happy to release the 2016 Schedule of GIGA Material Challenge:

* Dates may differ slightly depending on the availability of venues.

Introduction: GIGA & GIGA Material Challenge

GIGA is a building and material think tank with locations in Shanghai, Beijing, Montreal, Quebec and Chicago. One of GIGA's aims is toresearch cutting-edge...


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Building high performing healthy buildings requires vast material information. To support LEEDv4 and LBC projects, ORIGIN and CaGBC (LEED Canada) have launched an initiative to collect material information from material providers nationwide. The Canadian Material Data Drive targets varied geographicalcontent from local, national and international suppliers to support Canadian Green Building. Rich materialinformation is sought, including EPDs, HPDs, Declare labels, VOC test reports,...

GIGA releases RESET™ Standards for Indoor Air Quality Monitors v1.0.


Following the explosion in awareness to outdoor and indoor air pollution, there has been an almost equal explosion in air quality monitors appearing on the market. Although each of these monitors display readings with confidence, there is a disturbingly large range in quality, as often reflected by an equally large range in price. For example, PM2.5 monitors can be purchased for anything between 50 and 50,000 RMB.

At a 1000x price difference, it's clear that not all monitors are created...

GIGA Material Challenge 2015 Fall Session: Returning Champions HPP Win Again


GIGA hosted the final session of it’s third annual Material Challenge series at the Yang Museum of Design in Shanghai on the 25th of October.

Architects and designers learn more about products when they experience them first-hand. By pairing the design community with participating suppliers, GIGA Material Challenges offer a day of intensive play-based learning with materials and finishes. There isn't a more interactive, materials-focused competition that is this much fun anywhere!


China Accord


International and Chinese Firms Sign Historic Accord to Tackle Climate Change

Firms pledge to design cities, towns, urban developments, new buildings, and major renovations in China to low carbon/carbon neutral standards

Extraordinary times surely give rise to extraordinary events.

One such event took place in Shenyang, China on Thursday 22nd October: an unprecedented meeting initiated by 52 key Chinese and international architecture and planning firms responsible for designing thousands of...

First Generation of RESET™ APs


First Generation of RESET APs

After having run pilot training sessions in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, we are proud to welcome the first generation of RESET Accredited Professionals: 26 individuals committed to delivering performance based buildings designed to keep us healthy. Several have already undertaken their first RESET projects.

Over the course of the next few years our relationship with buildings will fundamentally change. Building data and social data will merge. Interior spaces...

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